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Am I currently registered?

Click the icon below to check your registration with the Ohio Secretary of State's Voter Registration database. If you do not find your registration and believe you are registered please contact our office by phone or e-mail.


On-Line Change of Address

If you are already registered in the State of Ohio and need to change or update your voting residence, you can do so by going to Ohio Secretary of State's On-line Voter Change of Address website.

OnLine Voter Reg


Polling Locations

To find where your polling (voting) location is, click the icon below.

Polling Loc Locator

To see a complete precinct list with polling locations in Wood County, click icon below.

Prct No & Loc

Click the link below to get information on voter registration, download a registration form and get registration deadline information.

uncle sam reg.

Click on the Icon below to see a listing of State and Federal Route Listings as well as Street Suffix Abbreviations.

Address Abbrev

For BGSU Students living on campus, please use the icon below to be shown a listing of how your address should appear on your registration.

BGSU Mail Icon


Registration Locations

You can go to a Registration Agency and complete a registration card.

Reg Agency Loc Icon


Registration Cancellation Request

To cancel your voting registration click the icon below, complete the form. print it and mail or drop off at our office.

Cancel Reg

To cancel a registration we must have the voters signature and date of birth.

An absentee application must be submitted for each election.

Early Voting

Click the icon above for more information. Including application download, application timelines and in-person early voting information.


If you are a member of the armed forces or a family member of someone serving in the military as well as a civilian living outside the United States, click the icon for additional information on voting.

Mil Vote Button

You can register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot with the same form by following the link above.


What kind of identification do you need to vote or cast an absentee ballot?

Vote ID

Click the icon above.