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6-6-13 - Since the banding of the chicks back in May, they've been growing fast.  If you've tried to catch a glimps of them recently via the video feed, you would have been dissapointed.  The last week or so, the chicks have been spending quite a bit of time out on the nesting box's perches stretching their wings.  Yesterday (6-5-13) the nesting box was pretty quiet and empty and today one of the chicks was photographed on one of the parking lot signs near the Courthouse (see below).  Presently, one chick is perched on a ledge of the church across the street and the other one may be perched on the north face of the clock tower.  Either way, the video feed will remain empty and the chicks will soon leave the area on their own.  Thank you for visiting this page and watching the chicks with us.

5-17-13 - Here are some links to photos of the banding event that was held on 5-16-13.  During the event, representatives from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) educate the public on the falcons and the banding process.  As in previous years, a local school has had a class come to the event and the kids seem very interested in the falcon chicks.  The ODNR staff do a great job and even invite a special volunteer to assist with the banding.  Enjoy!


This year the falcons incubated their eggs out of the camera's view, so there are no video clips and very few still photos of the incubation process and the chicks.  Bob Ford from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) checked in on the chicks on April 25th and snapped a few pictures of the chicks and the protective mother.  There were 5 eggs laid, 2 chicks hatched with a potential for a 3rd, and the 2 eggs pushed of to the side are not expected to produce any chicks.

The banding process for the chicks is scheduled for Thursday, May 16th at 10:30 AM in the Courthouse Complex Atrium, the public is welcome to come and watch as the ODNR staff provide a brief education on the falcons and the banding process.

2013 Pictures:

Chicks and Eggs

Huddled Chicks

Not Too Happy Mother

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