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FY15 CDBG Program Documentation

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Community Development Block Grant


Community Housing Improvement Program

Economic Development

Neighborhood Stabilization Program


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The CDBG Formula Program is a national level program that originates from HUD, the Office of Housing and Urban Development. HUD allocates a certain amount of federal funds each year to be distributed nationally on a State by State basis.


In Ohio, the Ohio Department of Development Office of Housing and Community Partnerships (ODOD-OHCP) is the agency in charge of distributing these dollars to each county and city in Ohio. These funds are pooled together under the organizational heading of “Block Grant Funds”, and there are a variety of different Block Grant Programs at the Ohio Department of Development.

The Wood County Planning Commission works with the CDBG Formula Program, and program designed to combat slum and blight and to benefit low to moderate income geographic areas with public improvement projects.

The Planning Commission has been the lead agency in administering the program in Wood County since 1983. Each year a varying amount of funds are allocated to Wood County to use for this program.

Wood County is able to fund up to six (6) projects under one grant year. All projects funded must meet a national objective by benefiting low to moderate income areas.

The six projects are chosen by the Planning Commission at their June meeting. These projects are then forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners for review and approval. Upon receiving approval for the projects, the Planning Commission Staff then puts together an official application to the Ohio Department of Development. Upon receiving ODOD approval, the Planning Commission is then free to undertake the projects.

Examples of past projects include: waterline and sanitary sewer instillation and repair, curbs and sidewalk projects, ADA renovations to Village Halls, and numerous other public works projects. For more information on the program, please contact our Office.



Another HUD based program run out of the Ohio Department of Development, the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) is designed to assist low to moderate income homeowners located in Wood County with emergency home repairs, home rehabilitation, and down payment assistance.  

For the 2005 CHIP Program Wood County received funding for the first time to assist Habitat For Humanity on a project house in Wood County.  

To qualify for this program applicants must live within a Wood County township, village, or within the City of Rossford. Applicants must also qualify as being low to moderate income households.  

For more information regarding CHIP, please contact:

Wood County Planning Commission
(419) 354-9128

Poggemeyer Design Group
(419) 352-7537
(877) 836-3206 - Toll Free



The Wood County Planning Commission works with the Wood County Economic Development Commission on programs and projects that work to strengthen Wood County’s Economy.  

Two of these programs that have Planning Commission involvement are the Ohio Enterprise Zone program, and the Community Reinvestment Area program. These programs are designed to offer incentives in the form of reduced taxes to firms and businesses looking to locate within Wood County.  

The role of the Planning Commission Office in this project is to compile yearly reports from every firm in Wood County that is taking advantage of either of these programs and report this information to the Ohio Department of Development.

(February 2009)

The Wood County Planning Commission is excited to announce that the Ohio Department of Development has allocated approximately $1.9 million to Wood County, Lucas County (excluding the City of Toledo), the City of Bowling Green, and the City of Oregon for use in reducing blight and stabilizing neighborhoods under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  This program is designed to eliminate slum and blight by giving governmental entities funds to allow them to purchase foreclosed upon properties and demolish or rehabilitate them.

This program is not designed as a grant to prevent foreclosure, funds can only be used to purchase properties that have already been foreclosed upon.  Unlike other grant programs, individual homeowners cannot apply to receive funding.

The intent of this program is to reduce blight by demolishing condemned properties and redeveloping them for residential use.  This program is in its infancy, so there is limited information available as to how the program will operate.  What is certain is that $1.9 Million will be shared among the four entities noted above, and it will not and cannot be used to aid homeowners facing foreclosure.

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