County flagBoard of County Commissioners   
Wood County, Ohio   

Craig LaHote, President
Dr. Theodore H. Bowlus, Vice-President
Doris I. Herringshaw, Ed.D.

Photo Left to Right: Dr. Theodore Bowlus, Doris Herringshaw, Craig LaHote


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The Commissioners meet in Regular Session on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. If you wish to be included on the agenda, please contact our office. Open forum time for citizen comments and questions is also scheduled during Regular Sessions.

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The Board of County Commissioners is the general administrative body for County government. It is the County government's taxing, budgeting, appropriating, and purchasing authority and holds title to County property. The Board is also responsible for hearing and ruling on annexations, approving drainage improvements through the ditch petition process, and making improvements and providing for solid waste disposal. 

The Commissioners have direct oversight of 13 departments: Building Inspection, Department of Job and Family Services which includes Child Support Enforcement, Office of Economic Development, Wood Haven Health Care, Buildings and Grounds, Dog Shelter, Emergency Management Agency, Historical Museum and Center, Information Technology, Records Center, and Solid Waste Management District including the Wood County Landfill. 

For more information regarding the role of the Commissioners and information on Wood County, please refer to the Guide to Wood County Government.

The Commissioners also appoint members to a variety of boards and commissioners. See a complete list of boards and commissions along with current vacancies.

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