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Wood County, Ohio   

Governing Boards and Commissions

Individuals from across the County provide representation on a number of Wood County Governing Boards and Commissions.  Their role is to provide knowledge and support to enhance the functioning of County government.

If you are interested in serving as a member of a County Board or Commission, please complete an Application for Volunteer Service and return it to the Commissioners' Office along with a copy of a resume for future reference.

Current vacancies are noted under each board or commission.

Wood County Commissioners’ Appointed Board and Commission Members

The Board of County Commissioners extend sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who serve on a board or commission for all their hard work and dedication. We believe that you assist in making Wood County a great place to live, work and play.

Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board

Karen Baron, Matthew Battiato, Judy Ennis, Katie Frank, Scott Kleiber, Dan Lambert, Frank McLaughlin, Hallie Nagel, Corey Speweik, and Carol Wise    

In addition 8 members are appointed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Board of Developmental Disabilities

Tim Brown, John Janas, Gerald Miller, Marlene North and Martha Woelke

In addition 2 members are appointed by the Probate Judge

Community Corrections Board

Brent Baer, Steve Callejas, Deanna Chase, Paul Dobson, Ann Garcia, Tony Hetrick, Patrick Jones, Andrew Kalmar, Molly Mack, Rebecca McMonigal, Mark Reddin, Matt Reger, Lori Tretter, Mark Wasylyshyn, Cary Williams, Ryan Wolaver and Chris Zografides

** Commissioner Craig LaHote also serves on this board

Courthouse Complex Buildings & Grounds Committee

Steve Blausey, Rob Eaton, Earlene Kilpatrick, Kelli Kling, Cathleen Nelson, Matthew Oestreich, Matthew Reger, Michael Sibbersen, Irma Wolf and Karen Young

** Commissioner Doris Herringshaw also serves on this board

District Public Library Board

Becky Bhaer, Nathan Eikost, Ken Frisch and Brian Paskvan

In addition 3 members are appointed by the Court of Common Pleas Judges

Flood Plain Variance and Appeals Board

Jim Carter, John Musteric, and Mike Rudey

Historical Society Board of Trustees

Julie Baumgardner, Gordon Bowman, and W. David Steiner

In addition 2 members are appointed by the Wood County Park District and 10 members are appointed by the Historical Society

Job & Family Services Planning Committee

Bridget Ansberg, Brent Baer, Tim Brown, Sandi Carsey, Julie Launstein, Stephanie Lauwers, Denise Niese, Cathleen Wenig, Dave Wigent and two vacancies

Law Library Resources Board

Linda Brown and Sarah Bushong

In addition 1 member each is appointed by the Municipal Court Judge, Common Pleas Court Judge and Prosecuting Attorney

Northwestern Water & Sewer District

Bill Hirzel, James Miller and Elizabeth Wick

In addition 3 members each are appointed by the municipal council members and the township trustees

Planning Commission

Steve Arnold, John Brossia, Brendyn George, John Musteric, Jeffrey Schaller, John Schuerman, Brian Swope and Matthew Tewers

**In addition all 3 County Commissioners serve on this board: Doris Herringshaw, Craig LaHote, Theodore Bowlus

Port Authority

Cheryl Johnson, Ed Nagle, James Rossler, Thomas Uhler and Martha Woelke

In addition 1 member each is appointed by the City of Rossford and Perrysburg Township

Public Defender Commission

Rex Huffman, Fred Matthews and Philip Walton

In addition 2 members are appointed by the Common Pleas Court

Regional Airport Authority

David Anderson, William Davis, Donald Deters, Marissa Muniz, Nancy VanderLugt, Jack Waddell and Jamie Weidner

Residential Board of Appeals

Ron Bechstein, Tim Enright, Laurie Melchior Huskisson, Robert Maurer, Tom Pendleton, Connor Rose, Connie Workman and one vacancy

Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC)

John Cheney, Tim Harris, Valerie Hovland, Michael Sibbersen and Cathy Newlove-Wenig

Wood County Transportation Improvement District (TID)

Roger Bostdorff and Maggie Fawcett

In addition 3 members are appointed by the City of Bowling Green, 2 members appointed by the City of Perrysburg, 1 member is appointed by the City of Rossford and 2 members are appointed by Perrysburg Township

Wood Haven Health Care Advisory Board

Richard Barker, Norman Carney, Frank McLaughlin, Laurie Newlove, Denise Niese, and one vacancy

The County Administrator, Wood Haven Administrator, Director of Nursing, and the President and Vice-President of the Resident's Council serve as Ex-Officio

WSOS Board of Directors

Dr. William Donnelly and Carmen Ortega

In addition 1 member each is appointed by the Economic Development Commission and the United Way and there are 2 low-income representatives