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Wood County, Ohio   

Community Improvement Corporation (CIC)

The Wood County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) is a not for profit corporate body established to exercise the rights and privileges conveyed to it by Section 13 of Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of Ohio and pursuant to provisions of Section 1724.10 of the Revised Code of Ohio (established January 4, 1972).

The CIC is directed by an eleven member Board of Trustees. 


Doris I. Herringshaw, Ed.D., President
Matthew Oestreich, Vice-President
Carri Stanley, Assistant County Administrator, Secretary/Treasurer


Doris I. Herringshaw, Ed.D., President, Board of County Commissioners
Craig LaHote, County Commissioner
Dr. Theodore H. Bowlus, County Commissioner
Andrew S. Kalmar, County Administrator
Jane Spoerl, County Treasurer
Matthew Oestreich, County Auditor
Cathy Newlove-Wenig, Realtor/Farmer
Mike Keys, Farmer
Donna Schuerman, Farmer
John Eckel, Banker/Ag Business
W. David Steiner, County Planning Director

 The CIC exists to advance, encourage and promote industrial economic, commercial and civic development within Wood County, Ohio.

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Application for Industrial Development First Mortgage Revenue Bonds