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Wood County, Ohio   

Forms and Petitions


Ditch Petition

The purpose for the ditch petition is to allow any benefiting owner(s) to legally have drainage systems improved.  Improvements may be planned, financed, and constructed using the petition procedure or the mutual agreement procedure.  In either case, permanent maintenance is provided.  The area affected by an improvement may include all or a part of one or more counties.

Road Petition

The purpose of the county road petition is to allow for the public convenience or welfare to locate, establish, alter, widen, straighten, vacate, or change the direction of a public road.

Building Use Form

Used to request the use of the Courthouse Complex Buildings and Grounds

Application for Volunteer Service

If you are interested in serving as a member of a County Governing Board or Commission, please complete and return this form to the Commissioners' Office along with a copy of a resume for future reference.

Mail or submit completed form to:

Wood County Commissioners
Fifth Floor, County Office Building
One Courthouse Square
Bowling Green, Ohio  43402