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Spirit of Wood County Awards

Nominations for the Spirit of Wood County Awards are accepted through August 15 each year.  The Awards are presented annually during a special ceremony in the Alvin L. Perkins Atrium.

Award Categories

Descriptions of each category can be found on the Nomination Form:

Agricultural Leadership
Industrial/Economic Development
Education for Civic Responsibility
Liberty Through Law/Human Freedom
Religion and Liberty
Lyle R. Fletcher Good Citizenship Award

Nomination Form

The 2023 award recipients include Bowling Green residents Michael Marsh, Liberty Through Law/Human Freedom and Judy Ennis, Self-Government; Liberty Township resident Michael Shertzer, Education for Civic Responsibility; Lake Township resident Sharon K. Bitter, Religion and Liberty; and Plain Township resident Lee Sundermeier, Agricultural Leadership. Kris Swartz from Perrysburg Township was selected for the Lyle R. Fletcher Good Citizenship Award.

Prior Award Winners

The History of the Spirit of Wood County Awards


In celebration of the Bicentennial of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, the Ohio Northwest Ordinance and U.S. Constitution Bicentennial Commission developed the Spirit of ‘87 Awards Program.  The awards were established to recognize and honor citizens at the local level whose daily actions embody the principles set forth in the Northwest Ordinance. Nominations were taken in six different categories directly related to the Ordinance.  Every Ohio community was able to participate in the program and local Spirit of ‘87 Award honorees qualified for statewide recognition.


In 1988 the Wood County Commissioners decided to continue with the awards to honor services rendered by Wood County citizens.  Although the names of some the awards have changed over the years, the spirit of the awards is alive today.


Nominations are accepted year round; however, if a nomination arrives after the end of our internal cycle (August 15), we will consider the nomination for the next year.  Submitted nominations are active for two years.