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Matthew Oestreich was appointed Auditor of Wood County by the Wood County Republican Central Committee on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, in accordance with ORC 305.02 (C).


“Over the last seventeen years, my job has turned into a passion and a career,” said Auditor Oestreich. “I am an active member in the community, a hard-working farmer, and a dedicated father and husband. At some point in the last seventeen years, Mike Sibbersen saw in me the qualities of leadership, honesty, integrity, and positivity. He saw that I was willing to learn and work hard. He saw that I was willing to look at things in a different light and find new ways to innovate. Mike has served as a mentor and a role model to me, and I will forever be indebted to him for his years of guidance and leadership. It is a great privilege to serve the people of Wood County, and I appreciate the responsibilities that have been entrusted to me.” Oestreich had been serving as Acting Auditor upon the retirement of Michael Sibbersen. The unexpired term runs through March 10, 2019.























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