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Candidate Tool Kit

Campaign Finance


Here are links to various forms and resources that will assist you in running for an elected office.

Offices and Qualifications

2024 Ohio Secretary of State's Candidate Guide
These resources will explain which offices are up for election, the requirements of each office, the petition required, number of voter signatures, filing fees and submission deadlines.


Petitions are available from our office. It is recommended that you not "take out" petitions prior to six (6) months before an election as laws and forms change frequently.

Petitions are also available on-line.
Ohio Secretary of State Petitions and FormsOhio Secretary of State Petitions and Forms

Candidates are solely responsible for the full and correct completion of the petitions.

Write-In Candidates

In order to be a write-in candidate, a person must file a Declaration of Intent (Form 13). Only write-in candidates who have filed a valid declaration of intent will have votes counted in the election (R.C. 3513.041).
Write-in Form

Write-in candidates must file their declaration of intent with the appropriate county Board of Elections. A declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate for an election must be filed no later than 4 p.m. 72 days before the election (R.C. 3513.041). A write-in candidate must pay the same filing fee as any other candidate for the office. Look for deadline information under the deadline heading on this page.

Ohio Ethics Commission Information
Click Here

Candidates for office and elected officials at the state, county and municipal level are required to file annually with the Ohio Ethics Commission. Qualifying individuals are responsible for deadlines and filing requirements.

List and Label Order Information

Anyone can request information from our voter database. Information can be provided in a variety of formats and can contain a wide selection of information. To order data you may simply use our on-line order form or
call our office at 419-354-9120.r

On-Line Wood County Voter Information Order Form

2024 Elections Calendar



Finance Filing Forms

Getting started:

All Candidates who receive or spend money other than the filing fee must designate a Treasurer to handle campaign related funds and expenses and to file the required reports. By law, a candidate must act as Treasurer if he/she does not designate another individual to do so. The Designation of Treasurer Form must be filed before any contributions are accepted or any expenditures are made.  A new Designation of Treasurer form must be filed whenever a new treasurer is appointed, or the address of the treasurer, deputy treasurer, or candidate changes. It is suggested that if there is no Deputy Treasurer chosen, that the candidate assume the role of Deputy Treasurer - this allows for paperwork to be signed or filed in case the Designated Treasurer is unavailable.

Candidates who only spend their own personal funds still must file a Designation of Treasurer form prior to making out-of-pocket expenditures related in any way to their campaign.

A campaign committee must establish a bank account that is separate from a personal or business account of the candidate, or of a member of the candidate's campaign committee. All monetary campaign contributions received must be deposited into this account. All contributions received and deposited, and all expenses paid from this account must be disclosed (R.C. 3517.10)

Candidates will receive a Notice to File by certified mail at least ten days prior to all finance report due dates.  Candidates have the option to receive their Notice to File by first-class mail rather than certified if the candidate provides the Board of Elections with a signed authorization to do so.

Finance reporting is required from the date the campaign committee was established and filed with the board of elections through filing of termination.

The use of personal funds to pay the filing fee to run for office does not require the filing of a Designation of Treasurer form if that is going to be the ONLY expenditure.

General Information:

All contributions, regardless of amount must be recorded and included when filing reports.

A contributor, including the candidate, may not give more than $100 per election in cash to any one candidate.

Copies of paid receipts or cancelled checks for all expenditures of $25 or more must be filed with the finance report. If cancelled checks or receipts are not available at the time of the filing, this must be noted on the report and the copies must be filed as an addendum as soon as they are available.

If you publish a “thank you” in your local paper after the election, it must be included as part of your post election report.

Political Action Committees (PAC's)
Getting started:

Before receiving contributions or making expenditures, a Political Action Committee (PAC) must file a Designation of Treasurer form (30-D). This form is considered a "registration" form.

The PAC's name must include the name of its sponsoring organization, if any. PAC checks must contain the full name and address of the PAC, and, if the PAC files with the secretary of state, then it must also include its assigned registration number.

A PAC must establish a bank account that is separate from a person or business account of the candidate or of a member of the candidate's campaign committee. Contributions may not be placed in a candidate's personal or business account. All expenses paid from this account must be disclosed.
(R.C. 3517.10)

A federal identification number may be required by the committee's chosen financial institution. This number is issued by the Internal Revenue Service upon request.

General Information:

Where reports are filed is based on the PAC's activity. Generally, PAC's that contribute to county political parties, local candidate campaign committees, or local ballot issue committees will file the PAC's campaign finance reports with the local county board of elections. Candidates districts or issues that overlap into multiple counties will file with the county with the board of elections in the most populous county of that district. A PAC that makes contributions to candidates for member of the general assembly, statewide candidate, statewide ballot issues, state political parties or other PAC's that contribute to those candidates or issues will file its campaign finance reports with the secretary of state.


Pre-Election campaign finance reports are due by 4:00 pm twelve (12) days before the election.

Post Election campaign finance reports are due by 4:00 pm thirty eight (38) days after the election.

For full instructions and additional filing requirements, see Ohio Revised Code Section 3517.10.

Campaign Finance Calendar:


2024 Primary Election

March 7, 2024
4:00 p.m.

Activity through 02/28/2024

Post Primary

April 26, 2024
4:00 p.m.

Activity through 04/19/2024

2024 Semi Annual Report
Semi-Annual Report

July 31, 2024
4:00 p.m.

Activity through 06/30/2024

2024 General Election

October 24, 2024
4:00 p.m.

Activity through 10/16/2024

Post General

December 13, 2024
4:00 p.m.

Activity through 12/06/2024

2024 Annual Report
Annual Report for 2024

January 31, 2025
4:00 p.m.

Activity through 12/31/2024