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Printed and Large Format Maps

Precinct maps are also available for purchase from the Wood County Board of Elections. Contact Webmaster by email or by phone at (419) 354-9369 to place an order. Orders take 3-5 business days to fill. Custom maps are also available, but may take additional time.

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Precinct Maps
Wood County Precinct Map - County Wide
010 Bowling Green 1-A Bowling Green City
020 Bowling Green 1-B Bowling Green
Ward One
030 Bowling Green 1-C  
040 Bowling Green 2-A Bowling Green
Ward Two
050 Bowling Green 2-B  
060 Bowling Green 2-C  
070 Bowling Green 2-D  
072 Bowling Green 2-F  
090 Bowling Green 3-B Bowling Green
Ward Three
100 Bowling Green 3-C BGSU Map
(provided by BGSU)
101 Bowling Green 3-D  
102 Bowling Green 3-E  
104 Bowling Green 3-G  
110 Bowling Green 4-A

Bowling Green
Ward Four

120 Bowling Green 4-B  
140 Bowling Green 4-D  
141 Bowling Green 4-E  
144 Bowling Green 4-H  
146 Bowling Green 4-J  
150 Bloom Twp., North  
190 Bloom Twp., South  
210 Center Township  
230 Freedom Township  
240 Freedom Twp.,
Pemberville Village
260 Grand Rapids Twp., Park  
270 Grand Rapids Twp.,
Grand Rapids Village
280 Henry Twp., Hammansburg  
300 Henry Twp.,
North Baltimore Village A
North Baltimore Village
310 Henry Twp.,
North Baltimore Village B
340 Jackson Township  
370 Lake Twp., East  
371 Lake Twp., North  
390 Lake Twp., Latcha  
400 Lake Twp., Millbury Village  
420 Lake Twp., Union  
430 Lake Twp., Walbridge A Walbridge Village
432 Lake Twp., Walbridge B  
440 Liberty Township
460 Middleton Twp., North  
470 Middleton Twp., South  
480 Middleton Twp., Haskins Village  
490 Middleton Twp., Dunbridge  
500 Milton Twp.  
540 Montgomery Twp., West  
550 Montgomery Twp., NE  
590 Monttgomery Twp., SE  
600 Fostoria City  
601 Perry Twp., East  
610 Perry Twp., Perry  
630 Perrysburg Twp., Hamlet  
650 Perrysburg Twp., Glenwood  
652 Perrysburg Twp., Fallen Timbers  
653 Perrysburg Twp., Starbright  
656 Perrysburg Twp., Belmont  
658 Perrysburg Twp., Ford  
660 Perrysburg Twp., North  
662 Perrysburg Twp., Ft. Meigs  
663 Perrysburg Twp., Eckel  
671 Perrysburg Twp., South  
690 Perrysburg A Perrysburg City
700 Perrysburg B  
730 Perrysburg E  
741 Perrysburg G  
743 Perrysburg I  
744 Perrysburg J  
745 Perrysburg K  
746 Perrysburg L  
747 Perrysburg M  
748 Perrysburg N  
749 Perrysburg O  
750 Perrysburg P  
753 Perrysburg S  
754 Perrysburg T  
755 Perrysburg U  
756 Perrysburg V  
757 Perrysburg W  
758 Perrysburg X  
760 Perrysburg Y  
761 Plain Twp  
770 Portage Twp., East  
800 Portage West  
810 Northwood A Northwood City
811 Northwood B  
830 Northwood D  
840 Rossford A Rossford City
870 Rossford D  
890 Rossford F  
892 Rossford H  
893 Rossford I  
900 Troy Twp., North  
920 Troy Twp., South  
930 Troy Twp., Luckey Village  
940 Washington Township  
950 Washington Twp.,
Tontogany Village
960 Webster Twp.  
980 Weston Twp., Willow  
999 Weston Village  
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