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Welcome to the 2020 Online PEO Training Program

Your final assesment link has been e-mailed to you, look for it in your in-box.

For those of you who have not received your email link to the final training assessment, here is a link to a printable version you can print off, fill in and submit to complete the program.
               PDF Version Assessment

Please have it submitted by Friday, November 6, 2020.

On this page you should find links to 11 short training modules created as refresher training for experienced Wood County PEO’s.

There are also links to various Election Manuals, found at the bottom of this page, that hold more information on these topics.

Please use the question and feedback link to submit any questions that you might have. You can also provide feedback on the modules and on this online program as a whole.




1 – Introduction – 8 min


2 – General Process and Forms – 14 min

3 – Setting up the Polling Location - 14 min

4 – Setting up the ICX – 12 min

5 - Setting up the Poll Pad – 13 min

6 – Opening the ICX - 11 min

7 – Running the Election – 11 min

8 - Curbside Voting – 7 min
9 – Changing Paper – 15

10 – Closing the Election – 12 min

11 – Health and Safety   - 13 min

The entire training video content takes 130 minutes to review.

Please use the link below for questions regarding this training and provide feedback on the program.

Question and Feedback Form - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WCBOE_Question

Election Manuals:

Opening The Polls Process


General Processes and Forms

Provisional Process

Curbside Process

Health and Safty Process

Closing The Poll Process