Wood County Dog Shelter

Andrew Snyder, Chief Dog Warden

A department under the Board of County Commissioners

Doris I. Herringshaw, Ed.D.    Craig LaHote    Theodore H. Bowlus

Donate a Kuranda Bed

The Wood County Dog Shelter is registered with the Kuranda Dog Bed website which allows the public, organizations and businesses to pay for and donate Kuranda Dog Beds which are shipped directly to the shelter. Please visit the Kuranda Dog Bed Website to donate a bed.

Kuranda bed image
Donate Supplies

The Wood County Dog Shelter accepts and appreciates donations from the public, organizations and businesses. The shelter accepts donations including dog food, dog toys, dog shampoo, cleaning and office supplies as well as monetary donations. If you are interested in donating to the shelter please see the shelter amazon.com wish list or you may view the shelter wish list. Items purchased from the amazon.com wishlist are delivered directly to the shelter.

Veterinary Care Fund

The Wood County Dog Shelter Veterinary Care Fund was established to provide for the treatment of injured or unhealthy dogs. Monetary donations to the fund are solely used for the treatment of injuries, illnesses and other veterinary expenses for dogs residing at the shelter. If you are interested in helping dogs residing at the shelter but are not able to adopt a dog, considering donating to the Veterinary Care Fund.

Purchase Ohio Pet License Plates & Vehicle Registration

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers specialty pet license plates. Up to $40 of the registration/plate fees are deposited into the Ohio Pet Fund. The Ohio Pet Fund issues grants and financial assistance to support programs for the sterilization of dogs and cats and educational programs concerning the proper veterinary care of those animals.

The Ohio Pet Fund issued over $8,500 to the Wood County Dog Shelter since 2013 to help cover the cost of spay/neuter expenses for dogs adopted from the Wood County Dog Shelter. Please consider supporting the Ohio Pet Fund to help increase the number of spayed/neutered animals in Ohio. View Ohio Pet Fund Website