Wood County Dog Shelter

Jodi Harding, Chief Dog Warden

A department under the Board of County Commissioners

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The Dog Park is an excellent place to exercise your dog and is located next to and maintained by the Wood County Dog Shelter. To become a Dog Park member, registration is required and can be completed at the Wood County Dog Shelter, 1912 E. Gypsy Lane Road Bowling Green, Ohio 43402. All Dog Park suggestions and requests should be directed to the Wood County Dog Shelter.

The Dog Park is comprised of three fenced enclosures where members and their dogs can play ball, Frisbee, or enjoy our agility course. Each fenced enclosure is roughly 110 feet by 150 feet. The three fenced enclosures combined total approximately 1.12 acres.

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The Dog Park is only available to members and their licensed dogs that are included on the Dog Park registration list. Membership is simple and inexpensive and includes dog owners within and outside of Wood County. The Dog Park is funded by registration fees which support the maintenance, supplies and equipment expenses.

Registration Process

1) Complete a Dog Park Registration Form

2) Submit the Dog Park Registration form to the Wood County Dog Shelter
1912 E. Gypsy Lane Road Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

3) Provide proof of current Ohio county dog licenses for each dog, unless residing out of state. Shelter staff can verify Wood County dog licenses

4) Select a membership type and pay the membership fee

5) Read and follow Dog Park Rules

If membership is approved you will receive a code for the entry gate. The code changes each year the first week of January requiring members to renew annually.

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Membership Types & Fees

1) Full membership costs $40 and is valid from January 1 - December 31

2) Partial membership costs $30 and is valid from July 1 - December 31

Memberships include all dogs owned by and licensed to the member that are included on the Dog Park registration list.

Dogs acquired after filing the initial registration form cannot use the Dog Park until they are added to the registration list by completing and submitting a new registration form at no additional cost.

Applicants can pay for Dog Park memberships for the next year starting December 1 of the previous year.

The gate code will be given out on January 1 for full year memberships and July 1 for partial year memberships. Members who pay early are required to contact the Wood County Dog Shelter to receive the gate code.

Membership fees may be paid using cash, check or credit/debit card. Checks must be made out to the Wood County Treasurer. Credit/debit card transactions include a $2 minimum processing fee or 2.5% of the total amount charged.

Dog Park Dog Park
Dog Park Dog Park