Wood County Dog Shelter

Jodi Harding, Chief Dog Warden

A department under the Board of County Commissioners

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Transfer Partner Application & Approval

The following entities may submit Transfer Partner applications:

- Animal Rescues, §956 Ohio Revised Code

- Humane Societies, §1717 Ohio Revised Code

Transfer Partners exempt from federal income taxation under subsection 501(a) and described in subsection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code may transfer shelter dogs into their organizations at no cost.

Taxable Transfer Partners are exempt from transfer fees but must purchase a current license for the dog prior to transfer.

1) Complete and return a Transfer Partner Application

2) Submit IRS determination letter demonstrating tax exempt status, if applicable

3) Update and resubmit the transfer partner application as needed

4) Only authorized individuals listed on the transfer partner application may act on behalf of the Transfer Partner

Transfer Requirements

1) Transfer Partners shall spay or neuter the dog before placement, unless precluded due to health or age. Dogs that cannot be spayed or neutered shall not be bred.

2) Transfer partners, upon adoption or subsequent transfer of the dog within Ohio, shall notify the county dog warden of the county where the dog will reside.

Non tax exempt Transfer Partners, upon adoption, shall transfer the dog license in accordance with section 955.11 ORC.

3) Transfer Partners shall provide adequate food, water, shelter and veterinary care to the dog in accordance with RC 959.

4) Transfer Partners shall confine the dog in accordance with RC 955.

Transfer Procedure & Information
1) Submit and verify hold     View Hold Policy

Holds reserve your place in line to transfer a dog. Holds cannot be submitted on or after a dog's available date.

Dogs are transferred on a first come first serve basis when there are no holds. Please call the shelter to determine a dog's available date, available dates may change during a dog's stay.

2) Who gets to transfer the dog?

Holds submitted by an individual on the day the dog is impounded or the first business day thereafter are placed on the hold list prior to holds submitted by Transfer Partners or organizations.

If you are the first hold, you may claim the dog on the available date. If the first hold doesn't claim the dog, the next hold may claim the dog.

This will continue until all holds have had a chance to transfer the dog. If there are no holds, the dog is transferred on a first come first serve basis, on or after the available date.

3) Fill-out transfer contract

The Transfer Contract takes about five minutes, if purchasing a license it will take about ten minutes.

Remember to bring cash, a check or a credit/debit card if purchasing a dog license. Credit/debit transactions include a $2 minimum or 2.5% processing fee.

If the dog's status is Rescue Only, the dog may only be evaluated after completing a more comprehensive transfer contract.

The dog may be surrendered back to the shelter prior to the end of the day, at no cost, after the evaluation, if the Transfer Partner chooses based on the evaluation results.

4) Claim the dog by the required date and time

Dogs must be claimed on specific dates and times when you submit a hold. View Hold Policy

5) Returns & Refunds

Keep in mind, if you have to return the dog, you may be required to pay a surrender fee, it depends upon the reason and circumstances. Refunds are not offered for returned dogs.

6) Children & Pets

Sometimes dogs act differently at the shelter or at home so we do not make claims regarding a dog's behavior towards adults, children, pets or livestock.

We recommend you have all family members visit with the dog before adoption so you may observe their behavior.

If you have a dog, consider bringing the dog to the shelter for an introduction. If you own a cat, and it travels well, consider bringing it to the shelter in a carrier for an introduction.

7) Behavior & Medical History

Keep in mind you are transferring the dog as is. We make no claims as to a dog's behavior, temperament, or medical condition.

We document observed behaviors and medical issues noted during the dog's residency and provide a copy of this information upon transfer.

Upon transfer you become responsible for all veterinary care, veterinary expenses, and for the dog's behavior.