The Domestic Relations Court is part of the Common Pleas Court and it has jurisdiction to terminate marriages by divorce, dissolution or annulment. The Court generally has authority over the children of the marriage until the children have turned 18 and no longer regularly attend high school.

Additionally the Court has the power to enforce its orders until they have been complied with.

The Court shares jurisdiction with the Municipal Court and the Common Pleas Court over domestic violence cases. It is possible that more than one court will be involved with the parties in a domestic violence case. The Municipal Court deals with the criminal aspect and the Common Pleas Court deals with the civil aspect.

The Wood County Domestic Relations Court is the appropriate court when one of the parties resides in Wood County.

The Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Wood County have appointed two magistrates to hear most cases with issues relating to the termination of marriage and enforcement of the Decrees. This would include dissolution, divorce, legal separation, post-decree motions and civil protection orders.

The Wood County Courthouse is located on the corner of Court Street, N. Summit Street, and N. Prospect. It is just one block east of North Main Street and north of East Wooster Street, in Bowling Green, Ohio. The Domestic Relations Court (Courtroom #3) is located on the First floor of the Wood County Courthouse. Use the main entrance on N. Summit Street (across from the public parking lot). After you go into the Atrium entrance, go south (left) to the second doorway on the left.
After you have checked in, there are conference rooms where you can wait and consult with your attorney until your case is called.

It is suggested that you have an attorney to represent your interests when you come to court, however you may appear without an attorney.
In most cases in Domestic Relations matters, you are not entitled to have an attorney appointed to represent you. If you are brought to court for criminal contempt, you may be entitled to have an attorney appointed if you are found to be indigent. You will be required to complete a form and pay a fee of $25.00 to be considered for a court appointed attorney. The form and additional information is located at
You may also wish to contact Legal Aid of Western Ohio at to see if you qualify for a pro bono attorney.