Wood County Juvenile Detention Center

The Wood County Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) is a 48 bed maximum security, short term holding facility for accused and adjudicated juvenile delinquents that are awaiting a pending court action or transfer to another secured facility and who cannot be served in an open setting.

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The Detention Center is located in Bowling Green, Ohio, near the geographic center of Wood County and it is connected to the Wood County Juvenile Court. It is designed to house 48 juveniles in individual rooms. The facility has indoor and outdoor recreational areas, a meal service program with dining facility, activity area, library, and two classrooms.

Wood County Juvenile Court Bed

Although the Detention Center is owned and operated by Wood County, contractual arrangements have been made with 2 counties (Hancock and Putnam) in order to assist them with their juvenile detention requirements. Necessary medical services are provided through contractual agreement with Correct Care Solutions, while psychological services are obtained from the Wood County Children’s Resource Center. The Children’s Resource Center is granted access to detained youths on a twenty-four hour basis, as are other mental health professionals, to ensure that the complex and sensitive emotional problems that some youth exhibit are properly addressed. Educational programming is provided through an agreement with the Wood County Educational Service Center, which includes an Educational Coordinator and two teachers.

The Wood County Juvenile Detention Center provides both pre-trial and short term commitments for incarceration. Care is provided equally to all, regardless of Court status (i.e., accused, adjudicated, delinquent or unruly).

The primary goals of the facility are to ensure the safety, security, health and welfare of all detained residents and staff, as well as to represent authority in a manner worthy of respect and emulation. We recognize that the solutions to many of the long term problems faced by our residents are best addressed by the child care professionals within the many support services available to the Court (i.e., probation department, counselors/therapists, and children’s services).

Detention Center Programs:

Education - 5.5 school days provided by Wood County Educational Service Center (see above)
Life Skills / Why Try / Substance Abuse Education facilitated by the Wood County Educational Service Center's  Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug staff
Rational Behavior Teaching groups facilitated by detention center staff
24 hour access to mental health services, if needed
Religious Services