It is the mission of the Wood County Juvenile Court Probation Department to support and restore communities by providing individualized supervision and accountability to justice-involved youth and adults, and to provide preventive and rehabilitative services for youth, adults, and families through evidence-based practices and collaborative partnerships.


The department recognizes that accountability for the offender means accepting responsibility and acting to repair the harm done to people and communities. The family plays an important role in each youth’s response to probation supervision and the department requires the parents and/or guardians to participate in the youth's treatment plan, as well as other programs to which the youth and family are referred.


Community Service Work/Restitution Programs: Community service and restitution to victims of juvenile crime continue to be priorities of the Court. It is important that youth fully understand how their actions have made someone a "victim" of their crime. This, in part, is accomplished by having youth complete community service hours as part of their period of probation. Also, if a victim has incurred monetary damages, restitution will be made by the youth, either by paying the restitution himself or "working off" the amount owed through community service. Youth who are unable to pay fines and Court costs are eligible to work community service in lieu of making payments. The Probation Department operates a community service project year round on Saturdays.

Diversions: At times, a Wood County family or school requests assistance from the Court when a child/children are exhibiting unruly or delinquent behavior. As an alternative to filing formal charges against a youth, a diversion can be held to dissuade him or her from future inappropriate behavior. The diversion itself is an informal conversation with a youth and parent. The focus is to explain what can legally happen should a youth continue to make poor choices. Families are frequently referred to outside agencies, such as the Children's Resource Center or the Parent Project for assistance. Tours of the Wood County Juvenile Court Detention Center are typically not a part of the diversion process.

Theft Offender Program: The Theft Offender Program is provided to youth adjudicated of a theft related charge. A parent must attend the four hour session with the youth. The class is held at the Juvenile Court in the evening and costs $50.00.

Drug Testing: All probation youth are subject to drug testing while on probation. The Wood County Juvenile Court offers drug testing to the communities juvenile population for a nominal fee. A parent can call the Court directly and schedule an appointment with someone in the probation department.

Weapon Safety and Awareness Program:The Weapon Safety and Awareness Program is an educational option for dealing with offenses involving firearms, BB guns, Pellet guns, air soft guns or other weapons. The program is scheduled on an as needed basis. The youth will leave with knowledge of proper handling of firearms, primary safety rules, consequences and dangers of misuse, and laws governing the use and possession of firearms, and other weapons. A parent must attend with the youth.