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Chapter 8
Jury Use and Management
Rule 8.01
Administration of the Jury Management Rules

The implementation and oversight of these rules shall be the responsibility of the Administrative Judge.  Oversight shall include, but not be limited to:        
    A.        A periodic review of the jury source list for its appropriateness and sufficiency to meet the demands of the courts and the ends of justice, and
    B.         A periodic review of the procedures used in selecting, notifying and utilizing jurors to assure that jurors are being utilized efficiently and without unnecessary inconvenience.

Rule 8.02
Goals of the Jury Management Rules

These rules are intended to ensure that:           
    A.        Qualified Wood County residents meet their obligation to serve as jurors when summoned.
    B.        Persons are not excluded from prospective jury service because of improper or illegal discriminatory practices including, but not limited to, those matters related to race, national origin, gender, age, religious belief, income, occupation, disability, or any other factor that forms the basis of a cognizable group of citizens.
    C.        Every reasonable accommodation shall be made to secure the comfort and peace of mind of the jurors, including, but not limited to, the following:         
        1.         Prospective jurors shall be informed of their duties and responsibilities prior to a call to service.
        2.         Jurors shall be summoned as necessary for the administration of justice.
        3.         The Court will provide special accommodations for  prospective jurors with disabilities

Rule 8.03
Procedures for Obtaining Annual Jury List

    A.       The annual jury source list and annual jury list shall be obtained in accordance with the procedures outlined in R.C. Chapter 2313. The Jury Commissioners shall not include information from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles in the annual jury source list.
    B.        The Court’s jury year shall run from January through December.
    C.        The Jury Commissioners shall maintain all records relating to or compiled from the annual jury source list and annual jury list for two years, after which the records may be destroyed.

Rule 8.04
Procedures for Summoning Jurors

    A.        All jurors shall be notified and summoned in accordance with the procedures outlined in R.C. Chapter 2313.
    B.        Appropriate management techniques shall be used to adjust the number of individuals summoned for jury duty and the number assigned to jury panels.
    C.       Prospective jurors shall be summoned for duty for a period of one month. Grand jurors shall be summoned for a period of four months.
    D.       Questionnaires completed by prospective jurors and returned to the jury commissioners may be provided to counsel prior to trial. The questionnaires shall not be duplicated by counsel and shall be returned to the Court upon completion of jury selection.
    E.        Departures from random selection procedures may occur only when by reason of challenges or other causes not enough jurors to make up a jury panel are present. Upon order of the Court, the Sheriff or Jury Commissioners shall immediately summon as many persons having the qualifications of a juror as, in the opinion or the Court, are necessary. The summoned jurors shall appear at a time fixed by the Court.
    F.        Persons summoned for jury service shall be paid a reasonable fee, as set by the Wood County Board of County Commissioners, for each one-half or full day.
    G.      Following each jury trial and period of Grand Jury service, the Court shall notify the Jury Commissioners of those who have served on a trial jury or Grand Jury.

Rule 8.05
Excuses and Deferrals From Jury Service

    A.        The only excuses from jury service are those set forth in R.C. Chapter 2313.
    B.         Postponement of a prospective juror’s appearance for jury service shall be in accordance with R.C. Chapter 2313.

Rule 8.06
Voir Dire

A.        To reduce the time required for voir dire, returned jury questionnaires will be available to counsel of record or pro se litigants prior to the day of jury selection.  All prospective jurors should be questioned and all challenges should be disposed of by the judge.
B.         The trial judge may give the jurors preliminary instructions before the voir dire examination.
C.        The trial judge shall conduct a preliminary voir dire examination and then counsel shall be permitted to question the panel for a reasonable period of time set by the judge.  To ensure that the privacy of prospective jurors is reasonably protected, voir dire regarding personal or sensitive matters may be conducted in camera.
D.        Voir dire examination shall be limited to matters relevant to determine whether a particular juror could be fair and impartial.  Counsel shall not be permitted to inquire of the jurors as to any legal issue, ask jurors argumentative or hypothetical questions, or elicit assurances other than being attentive, unbiased or impartial.

Rule 8.07
Satisfaction of Jury Service Obligation

    Pursuant to R.C. Chapter 2313, a person who is summoned as a juror and who has actually served as a juror for two consecutive calendar weeks is discharged of all jury service obligations, except that the person shall not be discharged until the close of a trial in which the person may be serving when the person’s jury term expires. A juror who is discharged as prescribed above is thereafter prohibited from jury service in any court of the state until the second jury year after the day of the person’s last service.

Rule 8.08
Prospective Juror Privacy

    A.       To preserve the privacy and confidentiality of prospective jurors, when deemed advisable by the judge, lists of potential jurors submitted to counsel may be identified only by number, and other identifying data may be withheld and sealed. Counsel shall make no copies of juror questionnaires and shall return the questionnaires to the Court upon completion of jury selection.
    B.         The Court may order that identifying data of prospective jurors and information contained on juror questionnaires provided counsel shall not be disclosed by counsel to litigants, or defendants or others not directly associated with counsel's professional office.
    C.        This rule shall apply to both potential grand and petit jurors.