Copy Requests

A request for copies can be made in the following ways.

  • By Mail: The cost is $2.00 per page for the copy and the requester must also provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • By Fax: The cost is $2.00 per page to fax the copy to a local or toll-free fax number and $4.00 per page to fax the copy to a long-distance fax number.
  • In Person: The cost is $2.00 per page for the copy.
  • Credit Card Fee: The cost is $2.00 per transation does apply.

All of the copy request methods described above require that the office receives the money before any copies are sent out. When making a request for a copy please give us the volume and page of the document or documents that you are requesting. If you do not have this information you can call us and we will help you look it up or you can find the information by searching our indexes.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact a friendly, knowledgeable staff member or me directly at