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Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles for Employees and Their Families

Wellness Programs 

Know Your Numbers

Knowing your numbers in key health areas can show how healthy you are, and where there might be potential warning signs.  Participating in a confidential wellness awareness screening can provide you with a snapshot of your health and alert you to areas of concern.

Wellness Awareness Screenings for Current Enrollees and Eligible Family Members

Find out your “numbers” and types of risk for free by participating in a confidential Wellness Awareness Screening that combines a Health Risk Assessment with screenings for Blood Pressure, Coronary Risk (including cholesterol with LDL, HDL, Triglyceride), Blood Sugar, Occult Blood Screening, Bone Density, and Dermascan screening for sun damage. An optional PSA screening is available for male participants.

Fasting is required for the blood draw. Participants schedule a one-on-one appointment to receive results in a confidential setting with a health care professional from the Wood County Hospital. Individuals who do not report to a scheduled visit will be charged for missed appointments. (24 hour cancellation notice required.)

These free screenings are not meant to replace annual physicals by a health care provider.

Employees and family members eligible for coverage who are 18 years or older and did not participate in the Wellness Awareness Screenings during 2016 or 2017 are eligible to participate in 2018. 

Contact April Hugg at 419.354.1373 to register for the screenings.

All appointments will be held at ReadyWorks at the Wood County Hospital.