2018 Programs

Wood County Employee Health Benefits

Wellness Programs

Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles for Employees and Their Families

2018 Wellness Programs 

Be A Wellness Warrior!

Goal Setting Form  Use this form to assist you in reaching your wellness goals.  It can help you map out the programs you wish to complete during 2018.

Monthly Challenges

Complete all 12 monthly challenges to achieve Wellness Warrior status and earn a special reward.  You can complete them in any order you like.  We just promote a different challenge each month as noted below. 

Refer to the materials found below for what to track on the tracking log.  Completed challenges must be received by the date noted on the monthly tracking log. 

Featured Challenge
Monthly Tracking Log
January Money Matters August
February Change Up Your Workout September
March Prep for Success  
April Reduce Your Stress  
May Stretch Yourself  
June Unplug & Unwind  
July Go Junk-Food Free  
August Muscle Through It  
September Cut Out Added Sugar  
October Pay It Forward  
November Stay Hydrated  
December Make/Break the Habit  

Additional Programs Available to Benefit Eligible Employees and their family members

Know Your Numbers Wellness Awareness Screening  
Fitness Program Reimbursement Form
Nutrition For Life Reimbursement Form
Tobacco Termination Reimbursement Form
Summer Swim Reimbursement Form