Wood County Employee Health Benefits

Wellness Programs

Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles for Employees and Their Families

Fitness Program

Provides reimbursement for gym memberships and fitness classes based on 30-visit minimum utilization per six month reimbursement period. (On-line programs are not eligible for reimbursement under this program.)

In addition to fitness facilities, eligible programs include aerobics, spinning, yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, karate, swimming, or pilates.  A combination of classes totaling the 30-visit minimum utilization qualifies for reimbursement under this program.  (Only one visit per day will count for utilization purposes regardless of the number of programs attended.)

Reimbursement is provided for a maximum of three eligible family members who meet the utilization requirements.

Note the program will only reimburse the amount that was paid for a membership minus any ancillary services (food/beverages, tanning, massages, etc.).  If detailed services and membership periods are not clearly identified on receipts, membership contracts may be requested for clarification prior to reimbursement.

Reimbursement Periods    Deadline to submit for Reimbursement
January 1—June 30               July 15
July 1—December 31             January 5

Utilization Requirements    Reimbursement Maximums  (3 person max)
0 - 29 Visits                          No Reimbursement Available
30 - 59 Visits                        $75 per person
60 + Visits                            $150 per person

Reimbursement Form 

Utilization Tracking Form (optional form for facilities that do not use computer printouts for utilization or for individuals wishing to track utilization)

Members are responsible to ensure that utilization is properly reported. Members must meet the minimum 30 visit utilization requirement and
complete all other program requirements to qualify for reimbursement. Members wishing to obtain a higher reimbursement must meet the 60 visit
utilization requirement.

Criteria for Fitness Facilities/Programs:  Facility/Program must conform to all relevant laws, regulations, and published standards for fitness facilities/programs; track and record member utilization visits; post appropriate signage alerting users to risks involved in their use of those areas/equipment of the facility/program that present potential increased risk(s); contract directly with the member and in no way does this constitute a contract with Wood County; be adequately staffed with professional staff members who have the appropriate educational background and/or certification from a nationally recognized professional organization; operate in an ethical manner and activity areas and equipment must be regularly cleaned and maintained; and hold harmless Wood County for any services to Wood County employees.