Wood County Employee Health Benefits

Wellness Programs

Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles for Employees and Their Families

Wellness Survey:  Debunking the Myths

The Wellness Subcommittee thanks the 161 employees who participated in its brief Wellness Survey. The survey results were helpful in planning 2014 programs. While several modifications were made for 2014, the committee wanted to let employees know about some misconceptions that are out there.

Survey Comment: “More fitness, any chance of partnering with BGSU or BG Rec Center for use of facilities or discounts on memberships?”

Response: The Fitness Program offers reimbursement for the use of these facilities.

Survey Comment: “I prefer to exercise at home or outside, so have no reason to join a gym. I wish there was a way to get money towards the deductible for these activities in the same way individuals get their gym memberships paid for. I work out almost every day and keep an exercise journal of activities which could be submitted to verify time spent. I do understand the issue with this being on the honor system.”

Response: The Fitness Challenges are designed to provide credit for employees who work out at home. A gym membership is not required. Thanks for being active!

Survey Comment: “Is there any way to run the program without having to give so much details of your health records?”

Response: The Wellness Subcommittee does not receive any information regarding employees’ health records. Individual screening results are not shared with the committee. (An aggregate report is created at the end of the year/program, individual identifiers are not included.)

Survey Comment: I would like to see the fitness program expanded more. Right now limitations are for one gym membership with X amount of visits for reimbursement. In summer months, I participate in a lot of outdoor activities and do not get to the gym as often, so I feel punished that I am not meeting X days, even though I am working out. Also, as new fitness trends or gyms open and I want to try them, again I am punished for not making the day at my specific gym. I would like to see a reimbursement total for exercise activity, not just limited to a specific gym.

Response: The Fitness Program provides reimbursement for a fitness facility membership in addition to fitness classes. Several employees belong to more than one gym or take several classes. Note that a minimum of 30 visits total is required within the six month period. Keep in mind that receipts and utilization are required for each facility/class.

Survey Comment: “More inclusive of part time employees or employees who do not have health insurance--supporting our good health is still of value to the employer”

Response: Programs are provided to employees and their family members who are eligible for coverage under the Wood County Employee Health Benefits Plan as funding for reimbursements is collected through insurance premiums. Refer to page Summary Plan Description to see if you or your dependents qualify.

Part time employees and those not eligible for the insurance benefits along with their dependents are welcome and encouraged to participate in programs that do not require insurance eligibility as noted in the Summary Plan Description.

Survey Comment: “I don’t have time at work to sit and answer surveys/questions on the Internet. (Like we currently have to do in the ‘measure-up’ program!)

Employees are encouraged to participate in the Wellness Programs off work time too. Wellness is not just an at-work activity, it’s a lifestyle.

Survey Comment: “Programs for exercise beginners or diet changes for beginners that reward effort toward better habits even if ultimate goals are not achieved. I think I would be more likely to try them and at least start building better habits as opposed to feeling intimidated that I will be a failure if I try but am not 100% compliant.”

Response: The Fitness Challenge provides participants the ability to set their own personal goals. The Get Five Challenge and other challenges, provide a gradual progression to meet the recommended level at the end of the challenge.